Funeral ceremonies with heart and soul

A funeral marks a significant event – the end of a unique life, the loss of a loved person and the crossing of a threshold. Imagine a singular event, created with care, weaving together the colourful strands of a life, to express the true nature of the person and giving voice to the loss felt by the community of those who loved and miss them. This is a funeral with heart.

I am an independent celebrant, trained by green fuse. I will meet with you in the comfort of your own home. I will take the time to listen to you in order to get a true sense of the person you have lost. I will also make sure that he, or she, takes centre stage for the last time. I will do this by composing a beautiful, individual ceremony that will be both the celebration of a distinctive life, as well as a tender mourning of a loss. I can help you find poems, readings, and music, as well as other personal touches, that will make the funeral not only unique, but also very special for all who attend.

Today, many people do not have a formal religious connection or belief. Although, they may still have a belief of their own. I respect individual views and spiritual beliefs, and will compose and conduct an appropriate, well-structured and imaginative ceremony, right from the heart. I will happily include religious words, and music, if this is required.

You, your family and your friends, can participate in any aspect of the preparation and holding of the ceremony if you wish to do so. The funeral ceremony I will write for you will be a funeral with soul. You will find many comments from families I have helped over the last few years, on the testimonials page of this website.

More recently, I have been approached by individuals who wish to ensure that they know that the content of their funeral, and the music choice, words and story of their life, is exactly how they want it to be. In short, they have decided not to leave their funeral ceremony for their families to have to ponder over.

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