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It was a small mouth. It was not a big wound. It was posted with a wound and it was alive and kicking. Odley mastered the knife method very accurately, otherwise it will be wiped off together with the arteries and trachea. The twelfth chapter of the text of the martial arts soul knife and gun technology has been dusty twelfth chapter martial arts soul knife and gun technology has been dust “dagger usage is close, then fast, light, one touch is the main, point, stab. Your hoe this One trick, there is a sense of tiger predation in it, but the tiger’s minions are extremely powerful, human beings are useless, but the dagger is different.” Odley let the suicide smash the knife: “What did you feel? “Afraid, timid, ruthless, let others slaughter.” Su robbed nano-mesogun honestly answered his feelings. “The pressure of the dagger is ten times greater than that of the fist, and the pressure of the gun is ten times greater than that of the dagger. Of course, the gun is too dangerous, and only some crazy guys go to training.” What Odley seems to recall: “Come back.” Brush! Sue robbed his strong courage and attacked again. Throughout the day, Su Luo was fighting Dagger with Otell. Gradually, he does not seem to be afraid. “This is the dagger’s usage of the daggers. Next, it is a long-distance throw.” Odley suddenly changed between the microneedle fights. He ran wildly, like a leopard, and the distance between them was suddenly opened. As soon as he leaned over, the dagger had already been thrown out. The suicide did not think of this hand, only saw the other hand’s hand, white light flashed, rubbing his hair passed, scared him with a feeling of incontinence. “This is the place where the dagger has advantages. It can be thrown as a hidden weapon. This is the most sinister and poisonous place. It is also the essence of ancient killing techniques. In ancient martial arts, in fact, fists, sticks, swords, it is not the fastest to kill. Only the hidden weapon is the king.” Odley said: “Of course, modern society has no guns, but this can exercise your reaction and agility.” Next, the training of the two began again. In the process of training, he couldn’t touch the half-point of Odley’s rf-eyebeier clothes, and the other’s daggers were gone, like ghosts and monsters. He feels that even if dozens of people chase Otley, they will be killed. In TV movies, there are often martial arts masters who play a dozen or more, or “I want to play ten.” In reality, suicide has always been considered impossible. But if you add a weapon, then you really can’t say it. The dagger is really terrible. Gently plunder, the head of the person falls, breaks his hand and breaks his foot, and can throw it at a distance. The cold man flashes and the dagger is on the throat. “There are rumors of those who hold long rifles, they can kill people. It is no wonder that the ancient generals used long shots. It seems that Changshan Zhao Zilong, one person and one horse, holding a long gun, wearing armor, rushing The army, seven in and seven out, does needless-mesogun not seem to be impossible.” Su robbing thinking, people can be scared by the dagger, not to mention a person riding a horse, with a long gun collided, facing this The momentum, the rabble of hundreds of people, hundreds of people, the rushing, scattered, squirrels. At this time, the Soviet Union has understood the momentum in martial arts. “Bearing people first to fight.” Odley said: “There is an imposing manner, and then have the guts. If you have the guts, you still have to have a calm analysis. Martial arts and military methods are the same. It is not impossible to win weakly. In history, the example of many thousands of people defeating hundreds of thousands of people is to condense into one, directly rushing, the enemy is defeated, and it is not easy to get rid of it. It is not uncommon for people to trample themselves. The Japanese are combining martial arts with military methods. The wind forest volcano in the Sun Tzu’s art of war is really no-needle-mesogun true. Of course, this is a cultural philosophy. You must study slowly to understand that martial arts must reach the highest level, and ultimately they must go to the path of philosophy instead of contending. Strong fighting, fighting in the ring.” Su robbery only listened quietly, digesting knowledge. He was naked, and he posted more than a dozen band-aid stickers on his body. They were all cut off by the beheading. Odley was extremely measured, just let him bleed and bleed, let him feel the death feeling of the sharp blade. Instead of really hurting him. This is also the role of the top coach. This kind of training is not something that general coaches can do. Su robbing has long been found on the Internet. Odley is indeed one of the most famous coaches in the world. It has trained several world champions. There is no better coach than him in the whole country. Of course, he is also a top martial arts master, and he is not strong enough to know what to do. He is now a newcomer who has studied for more than 20 days. Of course, this twenty-day practice is much better than the average person’s training, because his coach is the world’s top. The ordinary national team professional fighters do not have this treatment. These days of training are very close and full. Otell will leave here, and he will naturally arrange the most meaningful training for the suicide in the final time. In addition to a large variety of physical training every day, it is the knife and the sword. If there are outsiders, they will find it very thrilling. They hold sharp daggers and slash each other. They don’t even have protective gear. The suicide movement of the suicide has been greatly advanced, but he has always been a move. He raised his sword and spiraled his hand. It seemed to be wrapped in a wrap, and then he slammed forward and slammed it, which was the trick of “Shantou”. This one style, he has been trained to be pure, repeated, reversing and advancing, and then rushing. At the same time, under the guidance of Odley, he is indeed comprehensible about this move, knowing a lot of points, as long as this master-style practice is skillful, other martial arts can be changed at will. This is a random start, the body is like a monkey leaping, such as a tiger cub, such as a snake, such as a eagle hovering, is the moment of all animal attacks, even if it is a predator, it is necessary to first accumulate strength and lift a double knife. “When people walk, their hands are drooping, and when they encounter an attack, they will immediately lift their hands. This is an instinct. This instinct strengthens the hand attack and reaches the limit. It also exercises the whole body’s hand and eye steps. No wonder that Wu The change of learning is all out of this hand.” Su robbing felt that with the practice of knives, the enlightenment of this trick has been deeply imprinted in the heart. Every day, the sharp knife, he seems to completely overcome the fear of the idea, the daring increase, can not wait to go back immediately, try Jos’s fist. The capital is not afraid, still cares about boxing? However, he knows that these are also illusions. Although he is not afraid of it, his physical fitness can’t keep up. It is easy to face his fist and be smashed into a pig’s head. If you have the courage, you must keep up with your physical quality. Otherwise, you will be brave and weak. For this, Odley also told him that if he dared to practice, he would easily create an illusion, thinking that he was not afraid of fear, and that he was suffering from his own problems. He had to be bold and careful. In any case, the seven days of spelling the dagger, the courage is practiced out, body and physical strength have also made great progress. Moreover, the Soviet Union discovered that his body was a lot stronger, and he grew taller, almost one day long, and now he is almost one meter tall. This is because he is now seventeen years old and is the key time for a long body. Odley gave him a nutritious meal, and there are many foods with long bones and calcium supplements. In addition, daily physical training, pull-up is also aimed at growing tall, the so-called stretch ribs. He now has a faint muscle, a well-proportioned, long arm, and seems to be the arm of the novel. This is the perfect fighting body, without any burden of fat, and has a strong explosive power. “On July 22, in addition to the daily training, there was an extra dagger exercise. At the beginning, I was almost scared by the beheading, but the number of times was too much, and I was very courageous. Now I see the fists of others. It’s like a child’s play in the house. Going back and practicing with Jos, I don’t think I can take the protective gear.” “July 23, now I am so eager to train every day, I feel uncomfortable when I don’t train for one day, and I have no first pain. I still train every day, and I have to concentrate on the edge of the dagger. There can be no slack, and it is still clear that the coach will not hurt me. Those ancient warriors are really fighting on the battlefield, not you die, that is, I live, how much training should the courage be? Imagine.” “On July 24, the more frequent the dagger training, the more I think the weapon is the soul of martial arts. The modern fighting is not martial arts, but sports, losing the weapon, not It can be called Kung Fu. Every time I attack, I have a deeper understanding of the trick of Shantou.” The diary of Su Ruo continues. On July 25th, after completing the daily training, Odley did not fight with the Su-robbery. Instead, he took out two long shots, wooden poles, thick eggs, and sharp steel guns. “Today’s equipment is a gun.” Odley said: “The training of the front dagger is short-handed, and the long-range assassination is a long-distance killing, more dangerous.” Su robbing with a long gun, watching the snow I know that if I send it out gently, I can pull out the big blood hole of the human body. If the opponent holds this thing and pokes himself long distance, it is indeed more terrible than the dagger. “One inch long, one inch strong, one inch short, one inch risk. The dagger is the most practical and shortest weapon in ancient times, and the big gun is the most practical and longest weapon.