hydro jet peel facial

hydro jet peel facial

I’m a sucker for facials and will try pretty much anything if it promises hydrated, radiant skin, so when I heard about a “jet peel facial” promising plump, hydrated skin, ya girl didn’t hesitate to book a session.

It sounds intense, but a jet peel facial isn’t as harsh as the title suggests and is super gentle compared to a chemical peel. The process is focused on restoring hydration through the use of a powerful stream of serums that shoot out of a high-pressure machine. “It works in the opposite way of a chemical peel,” Sai Demirovic, licensed esthetician and founder of Glo Spa NY, explains. “With this treatment, your skin is infused with an exfoliating serum followed by a hydrating serum. The air pressure of a jet peel treatment carries the serum about 4 millimeters deep into the skin where it then works its way up.”

Lying down on the spa bed for my session with the Beauty God herself, Demirovic polled me about my skincare journey since the last time we saw each other. After a recent two-week-long skin fast, my skin was still trying to balance itself out, so Demirovic reached for a Dermalinfusion device to extract dirt and dead skin from the surface of my face using a brightening serum that combats dull, uneven skin tone. At the end of the facial, Demirovic showed me a jar of all the oils and dead skin she pulled from my face (ew) and I was floored. The brightening serum was originally clear but turned grey and was filled with tiny dead skin particles after all that gunk was suctioned from my skin.

People think extractions are the most important part of a facial but it’s really removing all the crap from the top of your skin because once it can breathe, your skin can kind of balance out,” she explained. Then, things got a little cold. It was finally time for the actual peel, which uses a detox water made of aloe, saline solution, sodium lactate and silver oxide, all of which help to remove dead skin cells and detox pores. Have you ever put your fan on high speed and place your face right in front of it as a child? That’s how the air felt brushing against my skin. It also felt a little tingly as Demirovic pressure-washed my face with the device (the distance of the device can be adjusted if it becomes to painful, especially for sensitive skin), but it wasn’t overbearing and started to feel good after a few minutes.

From there, Demirovic exfoliated my skin using a mandelic and salicylic acid serum, a gentler serum for jet peel first-timers, acne-prone and oily skin since its packed with antibacterial properties. To finish up, Demirovic asked me to choose from an assortment of serums, so I chose a brightening serum formulated with a high concentration of Vitamin C to give my skin a healthy glow from the inside out. Demirovic recommended not washing my face or putting on any makeup for up to six hours to allow the serum to really seep into the skin. I left Glo Spa feeling like a car fresh out of a hand car wash. My face was clean, buffed to perfection, and shining, shining, shining, shining!

In need of an extra boost of hydration? Here’s everything you need to know before you book your own jet peel facial:

Your skin doesn’t actually peel.
I’d be lying if I didn’t immediately think of a chemical peel when I saw “jet peel facial.” But as intimidating as the name seems, your skin doesn’t physically peel the way it would if you booked a traditional chemical peel. “If we were to start with a glycolic acid of usually about five to 10 percent, you will notice some flaking where you may have had an acne breakout the next day, but you won’t peel all over,” Demirovic explains. “Since the serum travels so deep, we don’t need to use a strong glycolic acid like a 40% that’s typically used for a chemical peel. That also means your skin won’t dry out the way it would with a chemical peel, in fact, with jet peels, the skin remains hydrated while your acne spots dry up.”

Jet peel facials are great for all skin types.
According to Demirovic, jet peel facials work wonders for people with severe dry skin, sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.

Hyaluronic acid is the core ingredient used in jet peels.
By now, you know about the magical benefits of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is commonly used to treat dry skin, which is why it’s the star of jet peel facials. Clients have the option to choose from a number of other skin-saving serums, including an anti-aging complex, which “helps to tighten and firm the skin and is a nice alternative to getting injections. For skin renewal, we can also use glycolic acid—five to 15 percent—which is great for medium to deep exfoliation, hyperpigmentation, oily and acneic skin. Mandelic & Salicylic Acid is normally used as a mild exfoliator and works great on acneic and sensitive skin types,” Demirovic explains. “My favorite serum is the Whitening Complex which contains a high concentration of Vitamin C and Lemon Balm, Achillean, and Grapevine to create a brighter skin complexion.”

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